International Symposium on Porous Materials 2023

Plenary lecturers featuring LAURELIN

Prof. Fernando Rey  Website

Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica (ITQ), Spain
Title: Charge Matching of occluded Organic Structure Directing Cations in zeolites

Prof. Andrew Beale Website

University College London (UCL), UK
Title: Time and spatially resolved optical spectroscopy of zeolites

Prof. Christopher Hardacre Website

The University of Manchester, UK
Title: Utilisation of hybrid plasma-catalysis for net zero applications

Prof. Teruoki Tago Website

Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Title: Zeolite-encapsulated metal nanoparticles for catalyst

Plenary lecturers from ISPM

Prof. Feng-Shou Xiao  Website

Zhejiang University, China
Title: Rational Synthesis of Zeolites from Theoretical Simulations

Prof. Jun Huang  Website

The University of Sydney, Australia
Title: Heterogeneity in MOFs or MOF based composite for catalytic transformation

Prof. Chawalit Ngamcharussrivichai  Website

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Title:Sustainable Valorization of Biomass and Waste to Biofuels and Biochemicals towards the Net Zero Goals

Prof. Minkee Choi  Website

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Title: Hierarchical LTL Zeolite as an Efficient and Sustainable Solid Acid Catalyst for Replacing HCl in the Production of Polyurethane Intermediates

Prof. Kevin C.-W. Wu  Website

National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Title: Catalytic Lignocellulosic Biomass and Waste Plastics Conversion over Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Catalysts

Prof. Prof. Masazumi Tamura  Website

Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan
Title: Direct polymerization of CO2 and α,ω-diols to polycarbonates over CeO2 catalyst

Invited lecturers

Dr. Pascual Oña  Website

Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica (ITQ), Spain
Title: Electrochemical Activation of a Cobalt MOF Nanosheets for Superior Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation in Neutral Media

Dr. Luis Miguel Martinez Prieto Website

Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica (ITQ) - Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas (IIQ), Spain
Title: Ultrastable Catalysts for Magnetically Induced Catalysis

Prof. Atsushi Muramatsu  Website

Tohoku University, Japan
Title: Mechanochemical process to prepare amorphous oxides precursor with isomorphous substitution of Si(IV) by heteroatoms and successive hydrothermal synthesis to crystalize zeolites

Prof. Liang Wang  Website

Zhejiang University, China
Title: Dehydrogenation of light alkanes over heteroatom zeolite catalysts

Prof. Jonas Gurauskis  Website

Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragon (INMA), Spain
Title: Hierarchical porosity catalyst carriers for energy conversion and environmental remediation applications

Prof. Stefan Wuttke Website

BCMaterials - Basque Center for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures, Spain
Title:Reticular Nanoscience: Bottom-Up Assembly Nanotechnology