International Symposium on Porous Materials 2019

Special lecturers (Nov. 17)

Prof. Atsushi Muramatsu / 村松 淳司 教授 Website

Tohoku University / 東北大学

Title: ゼオライト合成・触媒反応における最近の関心と次世代放射光計画 〜自分が関わる研究と最大の雑用〜
Recent my interest in zeolite synthesis as a catalyst and next generation SR facility - recent my study and chore -

Dr. Tohru Setoyama / 瀬戸山 亨 博士 Website

Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. / 三菱ケミカル株式会社

Title: 多孔性材料を使って進めてきた/進めている技術開発

Invited lecturers (Nov. 18 & 19)

1. Prof. Emiel J.M. Hensen Website

Eindhoven University of Technology

Title: On the role of carbonaceous reaction intermediates in zeolite-catalyzed conversion of hydrocarbons

2. Prof. Peng Wu Website

East China Normal University

Title: Postsynthesis of Large-Pore Zeolites by Structural Reconstruction of Layered Precursors

3. Prof. Dun-Yen Kang Website

National Taiwan University

Title: Influence of Structural Flexibility of Metal-Organic Frameworks on Molecular Transport in Membranes

4. Prof. Kyung Byung Yoon Website

Sogang University

Title: Capture of Harmful Species: CO2 and Radioactive Species

5. Prof. Xiangju Meng Website

Zhejiang University

Title: Design new strategies for synthesizing zeolites

6. Prof. Minkee Choi Website

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

Title: What makes mesoporous zeolites unique: Abundant external acid sites and fast molecular transport

7. Dr. Takahiko Takewaki / 武脇 隆彦 博士 Website

Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. / 三菱ケミカル株式会社

Title: Zeolites as functional inorganic materials for the environment
- Novel water vapor adsorbent and separation membrane

8. Prof. Oki Muraza Website

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

Title: Stability of zeolite catalysts in hydrothermal catalytic applications

9. Prof. Atsushi Shimojima / 下嶋 敦 教授 Website

Waseda University / 早稲田大学

Title: Controlled Assembly of Siloxane Cages toward Designed Synthesis of Zeolitic Materials

10. Prof. Kevin C.-W. Wu Website

National Taiwan University

Title: Production of Fine Chemicals from Rice Straw Using MOF-derived Catalysts in Aqueous Reaction Systems